Bringing Timbuktu and Atlantis together...

The Guild is a digital home for spiritual expertise. Connect to leadership development, capacity building, and networking opportunities. We provide a technical and social platform to help you grow your business and reach new audiences. Designed specifically for spiritual health professionals, mystics, teachers, and healers of all backgrounds can get the support they need to expand.

Live Courses

Build courses and services that make your heart sing.

Monetize your courses and services through our easy-to-use teaching platform. List your courses in our marketplace, and connect with a private network of other serious practitioners.

Once you've built your course or service, it's time to connect with the students and clients who are truly ready to work with you.

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income with your appointments & courses in a soul-forward environment.


 your skills as a teacher, facilitator, or practitioner at the cutting edge of your practice.


 leadership skills, confidence in transmission, and holding transformational space.


 to a network of serious teachers, facilitators, and practitioners.

Tools for the journey

Your job is already hard.

We built this platform because we believe in you. Becoming a guide for others is a highly demanding path to navigate. Spiritual challenges often bring professional difficulties as well. Even with endless information available to us, there is little wisdom for those who make a living through sacred work.

You need strength and real-world tools for the journey. Our aim is to support your endeavors in the same spirit that you so often provide support for others.

We need each other

Your insights can save the world...

Leaders all over the globe seek advice from practitioners like you. You help them expand their inner awareness; to become the stronger, wiser change-makers who will shape our collective future.

The Guild creates space for you to teach and serve in an exciting, new way. We're here to advocate for the elevation of your trade and skill.

Are you ready to join your soul family?

Saha Background-23

Professional practice Standards

Agreements & Application

As a guild practitioner, you will be influencing the lives of people who will go on to lead others. We expect all our fellow members to uphold the highest of legal, professional, and spiritual standards.

While we approach our work from the energies of love and joy, the practice of spiritual transmission is a meaningful one. If you’re ready to step forward, we’d love to have you.

Plans & Pricing

Guild Membership Only


$95/month, $997 Annually, or 2 Sessions per month

+ Bespoke CRM for client engagements

+ 15% off Annual Conference Registration

+ Active Webinars

+ Archived Webinars

+ Professional Development Events

+ Guild Logo for your professional site

+ Private Online Community

+ Monthly Group Coaching Calls






$145/month, $1475 Annually, or 3 Sessions per Month

Everything at the Sage level plus…

+ Shared Marketing at Sanahalili Press
+ Extensive course builder
+ In-Course Zoom Integration
+ Google Classroom
+ Quiz import and export
+ Scheduled Assignments
+ Automated, customized student emails
+ Course Previews
+ Private course files
+ Multi-instructor mode
+ Course Reports & analytics
+ Track course popularity, reviews, etc.
+ Award certificates

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