Welcome to the Guild at Sanahalili. We are immensely grateful that you will be joining our network of esteemed teachers, facilitators and practitioners. Though it is digital, we still consider this a sacred space.  Gathered here are priests, priestesses, hermits, magicians, and spiritual athletes of all kinds. We hope that you will take advantage of this time-space to embody the archetype of your chosen path. There are countless spiritual challenges that must be overcome to bring you to a place such as this. We honor that lifetime of deep inner work and are grateful to have your expertise in this space.
As a teacher and practitioner we expect you to uphold the highest of professional and spiritual standards. Your integrity holds the bond between you and your colleagues. It also holds the bond between you and the Sanahalili general body. While we approach our work from the energies of love and joy, the practice of spiritual transmission is meaningful, serious business. You already know the practice can have far-reaching effects on the lives of others. Your admission to this guild is evidence of that fact. So, it is important for us to agree on how we will practice as individuals and as a collective.
Sacred Agreements:
  • I have read and understand that:
Sanahalili Network and the Guild at Sanahalili will support me in:
  • Developing skills as a teacher, facilitator, and/or practitioner
  • Deepening leadership skills, confidence in transmission, and holding transformational space
  • Connecting to a network of other serious teachers, facilitators, and/or practitioners
  • Nurturing this platform to deliver my service, course, or product
I will do my best to:
  • Engender Wonder by making a profoundly and positive impact with every interaction
  • Exercise Wisdom by offering valuable, courageous insights in thought-leadership and social/cultural policy making
  • Advance Well-being through integrity, care, and compassion with fellow community members
  • Promote the perspective of abundance (Wealth) and responsible stewardship in all things.
I will:
  • Not steal or otherwise pilfer another colleague’s content to use it as my own. Just as I trust Sanahalili with my course content, I will uphold the same with others in the Guild. If I feel there is synergy, I will reach out for collaboration.
  • Not use this platform to spread mis- or dis-information according to my own personal rule of law. I will do my best research and post my sources within the content. I understand credible sources include:
    • Papers, magazines, and other published works from accredited higher learning institutions
    • Published works form credible news sources (Associated Press, Reuters, Times, etc) We like Lib Guides’ article on media bias
    • Sometimes Wikipedia
  • In the case of magick, occult, or other ancient information involved, use my discernment. I will ask myself the following questions:
    • -Am I taking this quote, instruction, or bit of wisdom out of context
    • -Am I adding to, or subtracting from the essence of the wisdom or instruction?
    • -Am I filling in blanks without researching first?
    • -Am I expert enough in this field or tradition to make an educated guess?
    • -Do I know an expert that would be able to help me where I have questions?
For my practice, teaching, and facilitation, I agree
  • I agree I am responsible for my own actions and boundaries
  • I am of sound mental, spiritual, and physical health to provide training and services on this platform
  • I assume all risk of choosing the right participants, holding non-ordinary ritual space, and creating events that can trigger other people’s traumas and deep feeling states.
  • I assume the risk of choosing to engage with this work and assessing your candidates for right fit
  • To abide by all regulatory guidelines in my geographical area of practice and/or residence
  • To obtain and maintain any licenses required in my industry to practice
  • Not to treat or diagnose any psychological disorders unless I am professionally licensed to do so.
  • I will show up clear-minded, fully present, and on time for bookings and class sessions.
  • To properly “open” and “close” ceremonial sessions or class sessions where emotions run high
For my content, I agree
  • To allow Sanahalili to graphically alter my sales material to better market my courses on a case-by-case basis, upon my permission
  • To co-brand my course materials with Guild at Sanahalili/Sanahalili Network/Sanahalili Institute
  • To allow the Guild at Sanahalili/Sanahalili Network/Sanahalili Institute to market and sell my courses on and within the Sanahalili Network
  • It is my responsibility to sell, promote, and maintain my courses and/or services according my income needs.
For disciplinary actions, I agree:
  • Colleagues and students are encouraged to report harmful behavior to Sanahalili Network Administrators. More than 3 of these reports will result in my dismal from all programs and forfeiture of all membership dues paid to date.
  • Any kind of unlawful or harmful practice on my part will result in immediate dismal from all programs and forfeiture of all membership dues paid to date.
I hereby state that I, or any persons acting on my behalf, will not hold or claim against The Guild at Sanahalili/Sanahalili Institute/Sanahalili Network or of Ava St. Claire or their estates for any damages assumed or otherwise for any conditions, be it emotional mental, spiritual, physical or financial relating to my work with The Guild at Sanahalili/Sanahalili Institute/Sanahalili Network.
I confirm that I read, understand, and agree to the The Guild at Sanahalili/Sanahalili Institute/Sanahalili Network disclaimer. I commit to all that has been set forth regarding my participation in The Guild at Sanahalili.
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