For spiritual seekers at all levels and backgrounds.

Here you can find the tools to do the work; heal chronic patterns, deep wounds, or simply have fun exploring your curiosities in the spiritual sciences. We are steadily building an accessible library for new and ancient wisdom.

Being in leadership is challenging. Find community with like-minded leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers. Get help from other compassionate activists who’ve been where you are and can lend a helping hand or word of advice. 

Find a certified practitioner who can help you navigate your spiritual path in our directory (coming soon). If you are a spiritual practitioner who wants to practice your craft in partnership with our brand, we’d love to have you here! 

We are looking for emerging thought leaders, teachers, and writers in the spiritual arts. If you want to teach a course, write a book, or publish other media, we’d love to have you as part of the Sanahalili family.

A digital monastery for the modern era

As we hurtle through the galaxy in these uncertain times, we need to support and inspire our leaders as they guide us to a better future. To do this, they must find confidence and spiritual union within themselves first.

While we continue to create more inclusive social structures to meet the looming challenges of this century, it is imperative that we help our leaders find peace, direction, and joy as they endeavor to improve their corners of the world.

Sanahalili will help catalyze, council, and nurture the spiritual expansion of humanity by changing the way we approach spiritual awakening and growth. We aim to renew a sense of magic and wonder into the fabric of society by activating a genesis of leadership; to inspire awe for the human spirit and innovate the way we relate to one another.

Our Highest Values:


Make a profoundly magical and positive impact with every interaction.


Offer valuable, courageous insights in thought leadership and social policy making.


Advance innovation in the holistic wellness fields with integrity, care, and compassion. 


Promote the perspective of abundance and responsible stewardship in all things.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Sanahalili, diversity and inclusion are part of our DNA. The organization and its mission inherently amplify diverse voices in the spiritual wellness industry. It fuels our greatest capacity to imagine and create new things.

Our Connected Ministries

Leading humanitarian efforts at home and abroad.

Promoting and distributing diverse content relevant to spiritual growth.

Promoting holistic body wisdom and mental well-being.

Facilitating spiritual education, especially in leadership. 

Re-imagining what it means to be in relationship with each other. 

Advancing genuine connection between soulful kinfolk. 

Exploring all aspects of living a soul-aware experience. 

Committed to researching and teaching ancient knowledge. 

Meet the Founder

Like many many others, I’ve experienced incredibly traumatic and difficult upheavals in my life. I eventually learned these irrational events were part of my own spiritual awakening. They were meant to drop me further into the depths of my soul. But I had no guidance. No sense of direction.

In my experience as a business advisor, urban developer, and years as a community activist in Chicago’s southside, I’ve learned challenges like these are common among spiritual practitioners and people who are intended to lead. I’ve assisted entrepreneurs and change-makers in self-healing by helping them make sense of bewildering life events. We worked together by ordering, listening, and shape-shifting their stories into fuel that moved them from victims to victors.

Sanahalili is a digital monastery dedicated to making the inner work a bit more tolerable. It marries years of my work in the occult and spiritual sciences with that of others who have done the same. Together we can create a community for each other to guide and support people on the left-handed path. While the great awakenings in our lives are meant to be challenging, I believe love and compassion can go a long way in encouraging our healers and leaders to continue doing their best work.

Become a Partner

People power has always been the most important resource in change-making. This era is no different. We are looking to build good relationships with compassionate, highly capable leaders from all vocations. We intend to forge connections with friends and allies that will further the vision of a more spiritually aware society.

  • To Love: Connect emotionally and spiritually
  • To Build: Establish financially sustainable living systems
  • To Share: Companionship along the way
  • To Empower: Encourage each other to dream and be our best selves.

Our leaders take responsibility for their personal growth. They courageously confront challenges for themselves and others. They nurture and protect others in their care and initiate projects for good causes.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to connect!

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